Using Mailchimp to increase customer engagement & profitability


   Wednesday 25 September

  • 5.00pm - 6.30pm (Qld time)


   $18.41 inc GST & booking fee

About the workshop

Fantastic! You have your contacts in one area - your CRM or email software. You have segmented your contacts by products, groups, leads, business etc. Now you are ready to communicate and drive business over and over through your contact list.


What the heck do I communicate so they will open my email AND take action?

That is the purpose of this workshop.

Communication is a two-way process where you reach out and they engage. The goal is to determine a realistic level of engagement where you contacts feel compelled to respond to you.

Did you know that brands lose an average of 25% of their mailing list annually, and between 25-50% of customers become inactive?

If they are not communicating with you, they will be communicating with your competitors.

Using Mailchimp as the main email communication platform, In this workshop you will learn:

  • Setup your newsletter for increased engagement
  • The process for developing an automated response campaign
  • 3 tricks to re-engage your old and outdated database
  • How to integrate with other software platforms for automated communication

This is a hands-on workshop where you will be working inside Mailchimp and creating templates to send.

What you'll need

We will send a link to the platform we will be using for the online workshop directly to your email.

You will also need a reliable internet connection, a quiet space to tune into the workshop, and a set of headphones (optional). 

About Andrea

Andrea AndersonAndrea Anderson is a passionate advocate of the power of the small business enterprise to establish economic strength and stability. The KISS Theory – Keep It Simple Silly - is her main aim when transforming organisations with a structured approach for cohesion and collaboration.

Andrea has owned and operated businesses for the last 20 years as a 'solepreneur' through to employing up to 35 people.

An ASBAS Digital Solutions Qld workshop in partnership with Business Station, RDA Brisbane and Treeti Business Consulting

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