Stuat George

Stuart George


Stuart George is the CEO of CKP Creative - seeing the big picture view of each business, what is missing then, guiding how to grow, improve online presence and business flow. Stuart gained a vast portfolio of skills over the past 30 years in business and his professional career as a business owner from the age of 20. Electrician, touring session singer, saxophonist, composer, Apple Certified Trainer, video + music production, digital marketing, social media and web design. He has been there, done that, failed and succeeded - learning every step of the way. Talking about business + digital and helping you to succeed is his driving passion.

Stuart's Skills

   Websites and selling online

  • Business website creation: WordPress, full custom-coded CMS
  • Business website management
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Creating an online shop / selling online: WooCommerce or full custom
  • Digital Systems and Tools: CRM, booking systems, Integrations + more
  • Content Creation: Video , Photography, Audio
  • Strategy
  • Flow - UI UX

   Social media and digital marketing

  • LinkedIn and YouTube for business
  • Developing digital marketing strategies
  • Email marketing platforms: Zoho CRM + Full Suite - Zoho One
  • Scripting for videos
  • Networking for connections online
  • Online meeting protocols, systems and integrations
  • Content creation for social media

   Using small business software

  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint
  • Time management: Planning tools, schedulers & calendars
  • Quoting / invoicing software
  • Booking systems & event management
  • Payment systems
  • Sales tracking & management
  • Analysis & reporting tools
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM) platforms: Zoho CRM, Active Campaign
  • Working closely with not-for-profit and social enterprise
  • Presenting regularly for the impact Academy on digital systems and tools
  • How to plan how to grow your business using digital tools and systems

   Online security and data privacy

  • Data collection & storage
  • Strategies for storage and backup and security using network attached storage
  • Integrating with cloud-based solutions

   Other Business Skills

  • Finance management and boosting cashflow
  • Staff management and creating a safe work environment
  • Retaining and staying connected to customers
  • Resilience and wellbeing
  • Advice on accessing COVID-19 stimulus packages for small business
  • In business for over 30 years, covering multiple fields including trades as a former electrician.
  • Resilience advice  andevolution advice such as advising our clients during COVID on how to pivot and grow