One-on-One consultations

Starting from just $44 inc GST

The ASBAS Digital Solutions Qld program offers Government-subsidised one-on-one consultations with our business advisors, which can be online (Zoom, Skype) or by phone. (Please note, face-to-face consultations are not currently available due to the COVID-19 outbreak.)

  • 1st 60 minute session:  $44.00 inc GST (Commercial rate would be $150+ per hour)
  • Subsequent 60 minute sessions: $66 inc GST

If this is your first time accessing the ASBAS Digital Solutions program, your first session (either a one-on-one consultation or an online workshop) will be FREE.

Am I eligible and what can I get help with?

To be eligible for a one-on-one consultation, you must be a business (0-19 employees) and provide an ABN.

Advisors can give you guidance for your individual business in four priority digital areas:

  • Websites and online selling
  • Social media and digital marketing
  • Using small business software
  • Online security and data privacy

You can also get advice on these general business topics:

  • Business crisis management and business continuity planning
  • Finance management and boosting cash flow
  • Staff management and creating a safe work environment
  • Retaining and staying connected to customers
  • Resilience and wellbeing
  • Advice on accessing COVID-19 stimulus packages for small business

You'll also receive a written digital engagement plan following your first session.

You can either choose you own advisor, or we can choose an advisor for you, based on your needs.

If you would like to choose your own advisor:

If you'd like to choose your own advisor, you can go straight to our ASBAS booking portal. Here's the process:

  • Create a login (one-time only)
  • Fill in a very brief business needs analysis (one-time only) - takes less than a minute
  • Choose the area you need help with, and an appointment type 
  • Choose an advisor from the list, book a time and pay online.

You can browse all our ASBAS Qld advisors here *. 

If you would like us to choose an advisor for you:

If you would like us to choose an advisor for you based on your needs, then fill in a pre-booking enquiry form, and we will make a recommendation. Then you can proceed to booking your consultation. 

* Please note, if you wish to book a consultation with Liam Fahey, Clinton Begg or Renee Dembowski, please contact them prior to booking for available days, as they work in multiple regions.

Liam Fahey:  or 0437 149 819

Clinton Begg:  or 0438 758 112

Renee Dembowski:  or 0438 200 118