Megan Taylor

Megan Taylor


Megan Taylor (Digital Enabler) of Kapow Interactive has been active in website development and digital marketing since 2004. Her specialty is in digital marketing for small businesses, with focus on empowering owners/marketers with information and expertise to take control of their own marketing. Subjects include digital marketing, social media platforms, website development, digital tools, marketing strategy and business strategy.

“Megan is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional presenter. In around 3 hours, I have learned more than 1 year of tuition.” - Bruce Goldman, SEO and Google workshop, 2018

Megan Taylor

   Websites and selling online

  • Business website creation: WordPress + custom development
  • Business website management
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Business apps development
  • Creating an online shop / selling online: WooCommerce, Shopify
  • Web developer since 2004, focus on training and documentation to make websites EASY for small business owners to maintain on their own

   Social media and digital marketing

  • Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram for business
  • Developing digital marketing strategies
  • Online advertising
  • Online promotional tools
  • Email marketing platforms: Mailchimp specialist
  • Wide range of social media and digital marketing learning and interactive workshops available. Heavy focus on participants leaving the workshop having already applied their learning into their business and a simple, achievable action plan to continue implementation.

   Using small business software

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Office 365
  • Project management & workflow tracking
  • Time management: Planning tools, schedulers & calendars
  • Quoting / invoicing software
  • Booking systems & event management
  • Payment systems
  • Sales tracking & management
  • Analysis & reporting tools
  • General knowledge, able to help point you in the right direction or refer you on

   Online security and data privacy

  • Able to provide general advice and build skills in cybersecurity
  • Advice on automated backups for your business

   Other Business Skills

  • Retaining and staying connected to customers
  • Advice on accessing COVID-19 stimulus packages for small business
  • Up to date on relevant grants available for small businesses in North Qld