Declan Pym

Declan Pym


Declan Pym is the founder and Chief Web Visionary of 33Technologies, which specialise in web development, cloud and everything in between. He spends most of his time with his head in the cloud, creating solutions for all the digital aspects of business and operations. With a focus on cloud technologies and web development, Declan has been able to help businesses of all sizes optimise their operations, websites and e-commerce stores through his knowledge and experience of running his own e-commerce stores.

Declan's Skills

   Websites and selling online

  • Business website creation: WordPress and custom development
  • Business website management
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Business apps development
  • Creating an online shop / online selling: Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify
  • Setup, customisation, development, integrations, microsites, automation, process control & operations, product feeds, plugin creation, plugin installation & configuration, payment gateways

   Social media and digital marketing

  • Facebook and Instagram for business
  • Online promotional tools
  • Product feed generation / integration 
  • Email marketing platforms: Mailchimp, Vision6
  • Email creation, campaign creation, email automation, workflows

   Using small business software

  • Excel, Office 365
  • Project management & workflow tracking
  • Time management: Planning tools, calendars, schedulers
  • Stock / investory management
  • Quoting / invoicing software
  • Bookings systems and event management
  • Payment systems
  • Sales tracking & management
  • Analysis & reporting tools
  • Intranet development, integrations, development, automation, setup

   Online security and data privacy

  • Data protection & privacy systems
  • Security software
  • Data collection & storage
  • Cloud infrastructure development, dynamic / scalable infrastructure, hosting, industry best practice advice