Getting savvy with cyber security: Tips to keep you & your business safe


   Tuesday 3 September 2019

  • 4.00pm - 6.00pm


   $18.41 inc GST & booking fee

About the workshop

The workshop covers the key areas that need to be addressed in order to minimise your risk of an IT security breach, and enable you to recover efficiently from a breach. There will be tips and tricks, practical demonstrations in many of the areas, and an opportunity to ask questions about your specific problems or concerns. The workshop will cover things like:

  • The importance of IT security awareness
  • The importance of IT security cultural change
  • Managing your devices
  • How to structure your backups
  • Restoration of backups
  • Safer ways to login
  • How to respond to a breach
  • Other services we can use to keep us safe

About Michael

Michael OuwerkerkWith over 25 years of experience in the IT sector, working in the UK, NZ, and Australia, Mike Ouwerkerk identified that most IT security issues are caused through a lack of knowledge and education. This realisation lead Mike to establish an IT/cyber security awareness program which he delivers throughout Australia to the SME sector and larger organisations. His passion is to ensure that people are trained in how to identify IT security threats, and respond appropriately to avoid damage to the business. Mike ensures his workshops are engaging and educational so people can build confidence in working with technology every day.

An ASBAS Digital Solutions Qld workshop in partnership with Bowen Training Australia and RDA Brisbane

Bowen Therapy RDA Brisbane