5 essential elements for building a successful website


   Monday 1 April 2019

  • 9.30am - 11.30am


  $18.41 inc GST & booking fee  

About the workshop

Imagine your website is your front store. How would you like it to look? Would it have pretty coloured pot plants out the front, or would every surface be covered in advertising material? Would you have a sign out front that would be obvious from a distance, or is there an expectation that anyone walking past would know what you sell?

Your website is an extension of your business. In most cases it is the first time a potential customer could meet you. The saying always is – you have 7 seconds to make an impression! The question is, what kind of impression do YOU want to make? 

  • At the end of this 2 hour workshop you will have the knowledge to:
  • Determine what you ACTUALLY need in your website
  • Know the right questions to ask of an expert
  • Understand the fundamentals of website creation
  • Develop the basis of your website strategy

About Andrea

Andrea AndersonAndrea is a passionate advocate of the power of the small business enterprise to establish economic strength and stability. The KISS Theory – Keep It Simple Silly - is her main aim when transforming organisations with a structured approach for cohesion and collaboration.

Andrea has owned and operated businesses for the last 20 years as a 'solepreneur' through to employing up to 35 people.

An ASBAS Digital Solutions Qld workshop in partnership with Thom & Ann's Restaurant Deli and RDA Logan & Redlands

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