Developing digital marketing strategies for social media and web-based advertising


   Thursday 1 November 2018

  • 9.30am to 11.30am


  $18.25 inc GST 

About the workshop

Digital marketing, also known as Internet marketing and online marketing, is about using digital platforms to reach, engage and create interest to your potential audience.

Where traditionally your search engine was Yellow Pages, YouTube was TV, and blog was magazines, the way we communicate has dramatically changed. It can all be so very complicated, especially when you are attempting to run your business.

HOWEVER, the components of marketing remain the same. In this workshop you will learn, create and implement 7 Steps in Creating a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2019. This will include:

  • Establish SMART business marketing goals for 6 months
  • Determine the right channels for your service and products
  • Identify your potential audiences
  • Establish your most important metrics
  • CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT and so much more

When you register, you will receive the Digital Marketing Strategy Template which will be used during the workshop so make sure you download to your laptop ready to complete.

Have you completed your Digital Scorecard? If not, complete the questionnaire before the workshop and save a copy of your report to discuss.

About Andrea

Andrea AndersonAndrea is a passionate advocate of the power of the small business enterprise to establish economic strength and stability. The KISS Theory – Keep It Simple Silly - is her main aim when transforming organisations with a structured approach for cohesion and collaboration.

Andrea has owned and operated businesses for the last 20 years as a 'solepreneur' through to employing up to 35 people.

An ASBAS Digital Solutions Qld workshop in partnership with the Logan Office of Economic Development and RDA Logan & Redlands

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