Amanda Lowry

Amanda Lowry

Amanda Lowry's business as a Brand Strategist was born from a love and passion for brands, creativity and people. Working with a diverse range of national clients across industries including property, communications, health and hospitality, she helps brands connect with their market on a deep and emotional level by implementing strategic creative solutions and refreshed visuals across all elements of their brand. Using specialised industry techniques, she has worked with many companies to create strategies that elevate their business, differentiate themselves in the marketplace and increase their bottom line.





Amanda's Skills

   Websites and selling online

  • Strategic positioning and design of banners and website content
  • Visual Identity of online presence including colours, fonts & styling

   Social media and digital marketing

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for business
  • Developing digital marketing strategies
  • Online advertising
  • Online promotional tools
  • Email marketing platforms: Mailchimp, Zoho, Proposify